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Birthday Parties

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   Don’t delay spaces filling fast!!!!!

Fusion Artz Café is the perfect venue to host your birthday parties.  You may choose one of our packages which include private studio space, staff instruction, paper plates, cups, forks/spoons, napkins and balloons.

NEW!   CANDY BAR includes a wide range of NUT FREE candies prices range from$100.00 up.

Parents have the choice of bringing their own Birthday Cake, or you can add items from our list of items. (WE ARE A NUT FREE ESTABLISHMENT)

All our paints and ceramic items are NON-TOXIC food safe. (No lead content)

Items purchased for parties will be glazed and fired, and ready for pick-up in 7 days.

Parties are suitable for ages 3 – teen’s and include studio time and party time.

Adult Parties (get-togethers) also available in the evenings. call for information.  647-348-7766.  416-648-3245