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Summer ART CAMP 2019





Summer Camp Program will be out soon!
Running- mid June end August !
Theme based/ art,drama,music, games, yogi & more . Snacks & lunch on covered patio. 4 art activities each day ! Games & activities between art projects. Ceramic,clay,canvas,glass,wood& other materials!
Daily or weekly availability! $85.00 per day $ 340.00 per week . Kids need to bring snacks , lunch & water bottles. Very casual clothes & change of T Shirt . Themes – Hawaiian , knights,princesses, dinosaurs,penguins,polar bears, pirates& treasures, summer frolics , watermagic,Safari & Space& more ! Great staff all teachers & art experience fun & engaging ! Our camps are mid town Toronto- excellent camp between other sleep away camps ! Or ensure your kid is not at home involved in technology when they can be social & enjoying a fun educational time at our studio! We cater all kids , all capabilities & interests! Call us and find out more 647/348/7766or 416-648-3245 & book now

   $85.00 /DAY    

5 DAYS $340.00 Friday free  Friday 9- 1pm


Fusion Artz Summer Camp -Mid June -end August 2019

Camp at Fusion starts each day at 9.00 -3.00pm
Campers bring 2 snacks for mid morning & afternoon & lunch at Noon -also a Water bottle
Change of T -shirt & sweater if change in weather -wear clothes suited to working with paints  & other materials.

Camps Can be attended on a daily or weekly basis -$85.00 per day  &  $340.00 per week ( Half day Friday )
A week can be broken up if so required ( 5 days ).
We will consider half day if space available.

Program:   ART, DRAMA, YOGA , GAMES , MUSIC & Singing.

Each day 4 activities theme related with Yoga, Games & Music we encourage team building activities & divide campers according to age -4-6, 7-12.

Themes June- week three Summer Frolics & Water Magic
Example of Program -Ceramic Tile Design teach process of drawing & painting on tile. 9am-10am
Snack & Games on Patio 10.00-10.45
Clay Building -clay slab & cylinder for candle holder 10.45-11.45am
Lunch on patio & games 11.45-12.45
Poster art Project -POP art Poster around summer theme-12.45-1.30pm
Team games to encourage social interaction between campers
Afternoon Snack Break & Games on Patio
Beading techniques creating friendship beads 2.30 -3.00 pm

TUESDAY:          Wooden Pic Frame design & decorate 9am-10am
Snack & Games on Patio 10.00-10.45
Clay painting of previous days Candle Holder.10.45-11.45
Lunch on Patio & games 11.45-12.45pm
Canvas Art-Cityscape 12.45-2.00 pm
Snack on Patio & Games 2-230 pm
Complete Canvas art Painting 2.30-3.00 pm
WEDNESDAY        Plant Holder-Clay Pot design for summer plants of cactus 9am-10am
Snack /Games Patio 10.10.45
Fridge magnets summer theme( Flowers, boats, birds, etc) 10.45-11.45
Lunch on Patio & Games 11.45-12.45 pm
Ceramic Fruit Bowl -summer fruit bowl design -Example Watermelon, Strawberry etc12.45-1.45pm
Snack & Games Patio 1.45-2.30 pm
Summer Sunshield cap design -2.30
THURSDAY          Cork Trivet design & paint -Butterflies/ Bees/DragonFlies- 9am-10am
Snack /Games Patio 10.00 -10.45
Clayart Pinch pot technique making owls    10.45-11.45
Lunch & Patio Games 11.45-12.45pm
Glass ART -Robots, pendants etc 12.45-1.45
Snack & Games 1.45-2.30.
Beading & weaving 2.30-3.00 pm

FRIDAY              Canvas pencil holder or other  useful holder for camper -cut outs beads wool, & more -9a.-10.00pm
Snack /Games Patio 10.-10.45
Design & Painting on wooden container 10.45-11.45
Lunch & patio Games 11.45-12.45
Project completion.

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